Soft Rope Slip Collar

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A soft rope slip collar made from the same materials as our long lived slip leads. 

If you want to show off your own adventure lead yet still want the positive effects of the slips then this Slip Collar is for you. Comes in both 6mm and 8mm thickness. The 6mm is recommended for Smaller dogs sized up to roughly 10kg OR if your after a 'dominant dog collar's type piece for your larger dog.

 All slips use our unique square hard poly toggle stopper.

We use a UV stabilized double braided polyester rope that's been break tested to over 1700kg. This ropes been a big player in the equine world for a number of years being used to make head halters, reigns and lead ropes to name a few. 

Do not leave the slip collar on dog unsupervised.

Do not use as a tether point whilst travelling in/on vehicle.

Customer Reviews

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Suzanne Shaw
Game changer

Different outings require different equipment. We bought the large one so we can use it over his nose.


I've trialled a few slip leads and collars and these ones are the only ones where the stopper works and keeps the collar in the correct position. It works amazing on my foster dog.