NEW Spring/Summer Range '23

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Our all new colours have finally landed.

Colour variations designed by us to add a splash of colour to your walks with your fur bestie


The sought after soft rope slip leash, after much trial and error we found the perfect length for fun and comfort when walking with your furry friend. A softer yet more effective alternative to the old school check chain. Our best selling and most loved leash, you'll be the talk of the dog park. You trend setter you!


The 6 foot leash can also be a great alternative for over- the - nose equipment with correct use, just add the safety strap incase your cheeky rascal does itself a mischief and slips it off their snoz (muzzle).


Slip Leads comes in both 6mm and 8mm thickness. The 6mm thickness is recommended for Smaller dogs sized up to roughly 10kg. 


 All slips use our unique square hard poly toggle stopper.


We use a UV stabilized double braided polyester rope that's been break tested to over 1700kg. This ropes been a big player in the equine world for a number of years being used to make head halters, reigns and lead ropes to name a few. 


Do not leave the slip leads on animals unsupervised.


Do not use as a tether point whilst travelling in/on vehicle.

Customer Reviews

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Kirstin McGregor-Lowndes
Great rope slip leads and long lines

I’ve had about half a dozen restocks of personalised company slip leads now. I love that my logo is on them and the colour range and quality is great. Wait time for them is minimal too. I prefer these stoppers on them than others I’ve tried.