Biothane Long Line

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Gear up for an epic outdoor odyssey with our trailblazing Biothane Longline for dogs – where rugged durability meets unparalleled freedom! This longline is your ticket to unbridled adventures with your four-legged companion.

Forged from the toughest Biothane webbing it's the ultimate fusion of strength and agility, ready to conquer any terrain with you. Whether you're navigating rocky trails, training obedience or splashing through streams, this longline stands the test of time, ensuring every expedition is a tale worth wagging about.

So, leash up and let the adventures unfold! With our Biothane Longline for dogs, the great outdoors is calling – and your furry friend is ready to answer with boundless enthusiasm and unbridled fun!


Available in multiple lengths. Brass and Stainless Steel hardware available.