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Introducing the Biothane Puppy/Small Dog Collar- Style, Comfort, and Durability for Your Little Bundle of Fluffy Joy!

Designed with the needs of puppies and small dogs in mind, our Biothane Collar is the perfect accessory to ensure your furry friend is safe, comfortable, and stylish at all times. Let us tell you why our collar is the ultimate choice for your petite companion!

Unrivaled Durability: Made from the very best high-quality Biothane strap, our collar is incredibly durable and built to withstand all of the antics of playful puppies and small dogs. It can handle rough play, outdoor adventures, and everyday wear without losing its shape or color.

Lightweight and Comfortable: We understand the importance of comfort for your little Floof! Our Biothane Collar is lightweight and gentle against your pup's delicate skin, ensuring a comfortable fit. No more irritation or chafing – just happy wagging tails!

Adjustable and Secure: As your puppy or small dog grows, our collar grows with them. The adjustable design allows you to find the perfect fit, ensuring a snug yet secure collar that won't slip off. It's easy to put on and take off, making your daily routines a breeze.

Easy to Clean: Accidents and mess is part of puppyhood, but cleaning up shouldn't be a hassle. Our Biothane Collar can be quickly wiped clean with a damp cloth, keeping it fresh and odor-free. Say goodbye to smelly collars and hello to a pristine, gorgeous accessory.

Stylish and Trendy: Your fur baby deserves to look adorable. Our Biothane Collar comes in a range of vibrant colors and stylish patterns, allowing your puppy or small dog to make a fashion statement wherever they go!

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Tony S
For my puppy

So we had a 10 week old Griffon and wanted a strong collar for her as she has a ton of energy as well as a good looking one. It is great fits perfect and looks good.